Resume Heading – What to include

Resume 2018 Heading – How to format

As you know, or maybe not, resume heading is the most important section (or better say area) in your resume, which attract a lot of HR’s attention. Why? Because when you start writing your resume, you begin it with your heading. And when any hiring manager start screening your resume, he/she begin with your heading. So, what information or content should be included there? And how it should be written? We’re going to help you answer all these questions in our post.

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What and how you should include information into your resume heading

Our main goal here – attract as much attention as it’s possible and make your resume easy to read. You should help your hiring manager to find any information just in a few seconds. Let’s try to understand what exactly information should be included there.

Your First and Last names

Maybe it could be really obvious, but too many candidates ignore that fact, that their first and last names MUST be the easy to find objects. Why we would like to pay attention to this fact? Because over 10% of candidates lose their chances to be invited, because HR’s can’t easily find their contact information. As result – hiring manager get nervous and move to other candidate into his/her inbox folder. We don’t want you to find yourself in a situation like that.

So, you need to follow the main rule – you First Name and Last Name, should be the easy to read for and reader. There are tons of way, how you could stand out this information in your resume. You can use a bold fonts or larger fonts or use a professional resume templates.

Address line

Some candidates prefer to add a full address and P.O Box. Nowadays it’s just enough to show a city name and state. It’s enough for hiring manager to understand your location, before he/she would like to invite you for an interview.

All the clarifications about the neighborhood and where you are living – it’s ok to answer during an interview process. So, be concise. But if you would like to provide a bit more information – include the name of the street where you live.

Phone Number

There is one and the most important rule about your phone number – OR it should be one number, or you need to be ready to pick any phone number included to your resume. BUT still we recommend you to list the only one phone number, which you would be able to answer.

What should you remember before you list your cell number to your resume 2018:

  1. Make sure your outgoing voice message is polite (we faced some issues, because of that);
  2. Try to avoid including your work numbers;

Proper Email address

Before you include an e-mail address to your resume, you need to make sure it’s professional and without any stupid words inside. The best way on how to name your e-mail is:

It’s the most used way on how to name your e-mail address. It’s really important, because if hiring manager don’t want to call you, they are going to write you. And if they would see something like “” – forget about it.

NEVER use a corporate e-mail address for a personal correspondence. If HR at your current place of work would know you are seeking for a new position – seems like you would need to explain that.


Some candidates has their own corporate websites. And if you are the one of that guys, you can easily include it in your resume. We can’t say that it would increase your chances to be invited for an interview, but it’s interesting information for all HR’s.

Social Profiles

If you decided to include a social profile to your resume, you need to make sure, there is no any “weird” information inside your profile.

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