Resume 2018 Objective Statement

What does a good resume means for you?

The most common answer is – it’s a good resume, which would bring me a good job and new job will satisfy all my needs. And that’s true. BUT the main mission of any resume (doesn’t matter if it’s a good resume, or bad one) – to make a hiring manager invite you for an interview.

resume 2018 objective

Why resume objective 2018 is so important

The are no bad resumes – the are bad resume writers!

Doesn’t matter who you are, a professional resume writer or just a young fresh grad, who is looking for a new position or internship – your resume can’t be bad. It’s not bad, it’s just not well enough crafted. And that’s it. You need to pay attention to some hidden details, you need to think like hiring managers do. And today we’re going to help you with the one of the most important section in your resume – resume objective.

Let’s try to concentrate on this block and find out what is better to write there to achieve better results. So, as you understand, today we’re going to talk about how to write an objective statement, which would STAND OUT your candidacy from a crowd.

What is Resume Objective Statement?

Yeah. Some candidates would say you, that it’s useless and “bla-bla” section. They would say something like that – “My objective is to get a job. What else should i write there. It’s obvious!”

And it’s no wonder, when you hear something like that above. It’s a normal reaction to the question they are trying to answer. BUT resume objective – is not just a few words about your willingness to get a new well-paid job. It’s a bit more! And now we’re going to understand that.

Resume Objective. What is that?

Resume objective – it’s a concise and targeted statement, which shows your career path and direction AND tell the hiring manager about your intentions to get the specific position. Your resume objective statement is written and tailored according to the requirements of desired position.

So, the main goal of any resume objective is to help any hiring manager, who is reading your resume to understand next things – “Hey guys, why do you need to spend your time looking for other candidates? Here’s my resume, seems I’m the guy/girl you are looking for. Let’s have a talk?” And it’s not about how to beggin hiring managers to hire you, it’s more about how to show them that you are the most interesting candidate and why they should start their interview process with your candidacy.

When To Use a Resume Objective?

As we have already explained above, without an objective statement it’s hard to understand why you are looking for this or those positions. And it’s normal situation, when you decided to change a field and looking for a specific position – without clear objective statement it’s hard to understand why you decided to try yourself on this position.

For example. You are an tax accountant specialist with over 10 years experience in this field. You are tired of all and looking for a marketing manager position. Without objective statement and explanation why do you decided to try a new position – hiring manager would think that you

Now we know why do you need an objective statement section in your resume. Some candidates asked us about – “what should i write there?”. BUT before that, we would like to tell you about what should you NOT include to your resume objective.

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