How to pick a winning resume format

How it’s possible to make your resume attractive enough for an employer’s and let them find out the most interesting information? As you know, during the scan process, hiring managers on average spend not more than 6-8 seconds. Do you remember that? Just six seconds to understand if candidate requires their needs or not. There is only one question most likely all the job seekers ask us during or after our meetings: “How to let the hiring managers see only the most attractive/interesting parts of my resume?”

Resume format sample

What should you do to choose right your resume format and increase your chances

To be frank, there are some resume writing strategies, which our colleagues are suggesting to other job seekers. And it works, but not in all cases. We have a bit different opinion about how to attract hiring manager’s attention. We do believe, that a key to interview – resume format. And the more attention you will pay to what resume format to choose, the more chances you will have to get noticed. We don’t want you to invent some new (maybe cool or “useless”) resume writing strategies, we want you to use some methodologies, which works!

Which Resume Format is good for me?

As we have already said in our previous posts, there are more than six different resume format and each of them is targeted for a specific needs. We can’t say which resume is right for you. You need to analyse your work experience and background to pick the most suitable resume format for you. Those one, which could help you to stand out from a crowd and enhance your chances to get the job.
So, when you will be ready to pick the most relevant resume format, just try to use our infographic to understand which one would be the most interesting for you.

What file extension to use?

More and more candidates take care about how their resume looks like and what resume format sample they are going to use as a template to write a resume. The other and mo less important question is – “Should I save my resume as PDF or DOC or DOCX?”

It’s not a hard question to answer. It’s common situation to have one resume saved in PDF and in DOCX at the same time. Why do you need that? Simply because hiring manager could ask you to send him/her a CV in both formats. What are you going to do, if you don’t have other one?

Another good reason to save your resume in PDF format – is to secure your resume from a third party persons. If you are not sure about the company you are negotiating with or you are not confident about apply form on the website – it’s better to send your resume using PDF file. It’s much harder to scrape info from a .pdf file compared to a Word document. !BUT you need to keep in mind that ATS systems doesn’t like PDF files. So, be careful!

Which length my resume should be?

As we have already mentioned above – hiring managers are busy people. They don’t have enough time to read your resume from A to Z. They simply can’t do that because of many reasons. And if you remember – just six second an average HR needs to assess a candidate’s resume.

And all the time, when job seekers asking us about two page resume or one page resume? We are suggesting to use one page. Does it mean less information to include? Absolutely NO. You need to include the more worthfull information, more information which could explain your value. It’s like a brief information about your candidacy.

Are there any extensions from the rules? Yes, they are – federal resumes. They need a deep and long stories from candidates, because of some specific rules in resume writing of such resumes.

Which resume sections are the most interesting for HRs?

Most like it depends on the candidate’s profile and how many experience do you have. There are too many different cases and each of them is somehow unique.

To help you understand this question, we will try to deep into some HR’s processes and would let you explain HR’s approaches to find different types of candidates. For example, let’s try to understand how most HR’s would start to search IT specialists:

  • They will monitor your resume for some specific skills in your resume
  • They would also try to understand years of experience in some frameworks or technologies
  • They will look for a portfolio if any

Above, there is a classic approach on how an average HR will behave scanning a candidate’s resume. There are tons of many other position and many more other approaches. We would suggest you to follow sections, according to resume format structures.

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