Tips to make your resume stand out in 2018

As you can see, nobody knows what the next day would bring to you! Maybe it’s new opportunities or some problems you need to solve. But maybe it’s a good chance to get a new job? Have you ever asked yourself if you are ready to provide a resume immediately upon request?

updated resume for 2018

What tips to follow to keep your resume prepared for 2018

Seems like NO. Because most of us, never update their resumes or use resume examples, when they found a new job. And everything seems like OK, till the time, when you need to start your job searching process again. And there are two options here: OR you decided to change position, because of some reasons (now we’re not going to deep into such details and “WHY’s”) OR Somebody is looking for a new staff for open positions.

The second option is much more interesting here, because of many reasons. BTW, there are some activity pick’s, when HR’s are in rush to get new people on-board. If you would like to read more about hiring season, read it here.

The main question is below..

Does your resume prepared for a 2018 job search?

Maybe we will tell you now an obvious thing, but you should update your resume on the monthly basis to keep every detail updated and actual. Because you don’t want to miss a great opportunity to get an outstanding job you are looking for at the moment.

But. when we’re talking about real live, nobody does that. It’s really nice, if you are updating your resume once in 3 months. Usually job seekers do that before the new job seeking project. And now we’re going to talk a bit more about what you should pay attention to, before HR would read your CV.

By the way, have you ever thought about how HR scan your resume and how much time do they need to briefly read your resume sections?

  • Up to 10 seconds to scan your resume is an average time professional hiring manager need to understand if you will fit the desired position or not;
  • 75% of announced time they need to read your name, company names you worked in and your job title;
  • 25% of the time left is going to remember resume template you used (if it’s professional and impressive enough)

Other time hiring manager needs to make a decision if you are the one, who should get a phone call and be invited for an interview. And now would like to share with you some extra tips on how to boost your chances to impress a hiring manager and reach desired result.

5 Resume TIPS for your resume in 2018

1 – Do an audit of the past year performance

It’s quite unique tactic in resume writing. Why do you need that? Because each hiring manager would like to understand you main achievements. It’s not a secret that nobody believes you, until you would prove that you can do what you committed.

If you would try to make a small audit on what was done and what results you have reached – it’s going to be quite good reason to include that to your resume or use it as polished cover letter.

2 – Too long resume?

There are too many candidates, who usually face the same trouble – they have just one page for their resume and most likely they don’t know what to include there. It’s pretty interesting case, but you should follow one-page resume rule. If you don’t know whether and exactly what you should get rid of, try to follow our advice. And we recommend you to start from the most important information in your resume – experience, skills and achievements sections.

3 – Include figures, it helps!

When hiring managers start reading or scanning your CV, they really don’t know what you achieved and how it’s possible to measure. It’s would be great, if you could quantify your success and show them what they are looking for. That’s why you need to use numbers and all the time prove your achievement using figures.

4 – Keywords. Update them like tags to your resume

It’s not a joke! More and more companies are using applicant tracking systems to sort candidates to save their own time on screening process and to get more relevant job seekers at the same time. “Resume optimization” question is still actual now. And we have already written some posts about how to boost your resume using keywords.

BUT resume keywords is still very important part of your resume, and it’s not only because of ATS. It’s like tags, which help HR’s to understand your relevancy to announces position.

Anyway, keep your resume updated GOOD LUCK!

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