Student resume format 2018

Student resume format 2018 – Best practices

Today, we would like to share with you some information or better to say – useful tips on how to stand out from a crowd and to get better chances, crafting your student resume 2018. All of us knows, that the highest competition for desired position are among the students. Simply, each year you see too many students graduated, or not graduated, BUT who are looking for new opportunities to earn some money. That’s why competition is too high here. And that’s another reason, why you need to pay more attention to what you have included to your resume (resume sections and what content) to get more chances!

student resume 2018 format

How student resume 2018 format looks like

Tons of students, who started their job search, most likely even don’t know where to start their resume. And it’s normal situation, when a student resume is not looks as a professional resume 2018. It’s normal situation, BUT you need to compete with other candidates, and that means that your resume should highlight all you strengths. Do you know, how to do that? What do you know about how outstanding student resume format look like in 2018? If nothing, we’re ready to share with some our knowledge’s, which would help to boost your resume.

Resume format 2018 for students. What’s inside

If you are a college student or fresh grad and it’s your first time, when you start writing your first resume – it could be a real challenge for you. And it’s not because you are bad or don’t know something, most likely it’s because it’s your first experience. And you simply don’t know where you should start. And it’s normal situation, when you are asking common questions like: “I’m a student, what resume format should i use to get more resume views?” or “I have no experience or hard skills. What should i write in my resume?” It’s normal, you shouldn’t shy because of that. Try to think out of the box! Let’s assume, you have no hard skills, but what DO YOU have? Maybe you have good soft skills or some college achievements or awards..?

What could you add to your student resume 2018:

  • Accomplishments. It’s a really cool idea to include them. Who really care of my student accomplishments? Oh, there are some many programs, which hiring managers follows. According such hiring programs, they are looking for talented students, who got some awards in exhibitions or special events. So, if you have something to brag – student resume is the best place to do that. Because later, you would not have chance like that.
  • Certificates. Another good thing you must add to your college resume in 2018. First of all – it shows that you are growing professionally and trying to keep all the new thing in the area you are interested in.
  • Interests. Some students like to add hobbies to their resume, but we would suggest you to name this section “Interests”. They don’t care about your
  • Hobbies. They want to understand what are you interested in.
  • Outstanding cover letter. For every student – it’s a must have thing. Using well crafted cover letter, you will increase your chances in 3X times. Believe us!
  • Social activities. Some candidates are following some groups or running their own blogs. If you have some interesting things to share with your future employee – for it!

Tell them more about your education

It’s not a secret that some companies are looking candidates (fresh grads) from specific colleges or universities. That’s why “education” section is very important to add to your resume. Moreover, some hiring managers are waiting for graduation dates and preparing internship programs. That’s why it’s really important to fill all the information regarding your university, specialty you would get.

Remember to add to your resume:

  • College or University name;
  • Graduation date.

SKILLS in your student resume 2018 format

The truth is – SKILLS is the only one thing you have, after the graduation from your university. Some candidates have more strong skillset, some not as strong as they expect to have. BUT you need to remember one golden rule – “If you have something to show in your student resume, you must to do that. Because if you would not do that, somebody else will”.

It’s not always about some hard skills you need to show. For example you are good at something, maybe you have great communication skills and you would like to start your internship as assistant to senior sales manager. OR you have great managerial skills and you are ready to start your career with an office administrative position.

Doesn’t matter who you are, when you just finished your university, it’s more important what are you going to do and what company you will place.

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