Resume Trends 2018 – What’s NEW

Some people would say that it’s too optimistic, but we believe that 2018 year is a year of new opportunities for a job seekers. And not only for those, who are in active job search and in a rush trying to find the best job, according to their needs. We are also talking about those job seekers, who are in passive search. They are working on their position and slowly scanning interesting offers on a labor market.

As you already knew, or maybe it’s the first time you decided to find an interesting opportunity – an average job search project can take you around six months. And if you are serious about to change your job, you need be completely prepared for this quite hard challenge. First of all – you need to be ready for a sudden circumstances. What does it mean? It means – your resume pack must be already polished and ready to provide upon request. Do you have issues on how to write a resume or to get the latest resume format?

resume 2018 soft skills

Have you already included all your soft skills? If not, boost your 2018 resume with the most attractive skills for HR’s

Really good news is that all the processes keep stayed the same. They didn’t change completely. You know how to write an outstanding resume, you know how to format your resume and to tailor it for a desired position. BUT what was changed since that time?

Where you need to pay attention to:

  • Social presence
  • Skills you gained
  • Technologies in trend

Some HR’s would say that you need to pay more attention to your resume content and to care more about what’s inside. But today we’re talking about trends. About what will be in demand in the nearest five or ten years starting from today. That doesn’t mean you need to change your life completely, but at least you need to pay attention to such trends.

What Resume 2018 Trends TO FOLLOW

Social Media Presence

You need to remember one rule, which works most likely for the all of the job seekers. You are the BRAND. Each person is a brand itself. And such trend grow year to year and became stronger all the time. And if you still don’t have any social profile, you need seriously think about that and start doing something. Even though, job seekers, who are pretending for a senior positions must have LinkedIn profiles.

It’s a good practice to include your social profiles to your resume. They would only enhance your candidacy and would bring you more chances. BUT you need to be really careful, if your you use your social profile for non-professional usage. Let’s say – for personal or for fun. In that case, it’s not the best idea to share your Facebook profile with the person, who is going to decide to invite you for an interview or better to find other candidates.

Even you have your Facebook profile for a personal usage only and didn’t share it in your resume, polish it before you will start your job search. Hiring managers are tricky people, they would use Google to search your profile to get an extra information about you.

Are there some others ways to increase your presence in social media? Yes, they are. And the other good tool for that stuff – Twitter. You have a great possibility to write your own content. If you feel not comfortable to post your own content, you can easily share or re-post some other’s or follow some other user, showing your professional interests and trust.

IN Trend Technologies

Anything you do in your life or at work, is done using some technologies. And we’re not talking about some hard things like IT sphere or NASA-like things. We’re talking about to be in trend.

You need to keep your ears open to everything new what is coming across of you and your interests. And doesn’t matter if such interests are hobbie-like or professional. Remember one important thing – hiring managers are not looking for candidates, who are “hanging” and do not pay enough attention to something new. They are looking for people, who are running for something new, to keep moving forward for something new. If you will show them your interest and willingness to get something new- it’s going to be a huge additional point to your profile.

Emotional Intelligence

We do believe, you have already heard something about that. If not, it should be really interesting for you. What are we going to talk about is emotional intelligence. What is that and why do you need to pay attention to that? Hiring managers do not hire a person with skills only, they are hiring a human, better to say colleague. The person, who will not only do daily tasks, but would also be able to be a team player. Those guy or girl, who could ask questions and help to other colleagues. That’s why it’s important to include some soft skills to your resume as well.

You could be a really rare specialist in your area with a proven hard skills, but not all the companies would like to hire you. Why? Because they are not looking for a “hard skills candidate – aka robot”, they are looking for a “live” person, who is able to communicate and share emotions.

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