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Once you have already defined which job is right for you, it’s a good time to move to the next stage. And before you have started to write your resume, you need to think about your resume 2018 optimization. When we’re talking about optimization – most likely we mean keywords in your resume, which are needed to help your resume end up in the HR’s inbox e-mail folder.

resume keywords 2018

How to optimize your resume 2018 using right keywords. And how proper keywords could boost your chances to GET THE JOB!

You could simply ask us some questions like: “Why should i include any keywords to my resume?” – and somehow you are right. Some candidates believe that keywords vague their resume and do it less attractive for hiring managers. We are ready to answer you on all these questions and help you understand why do you need it and what should you do next.

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Why do you need keywords in your resume

As you know, to be a hiring manager is not an easy thing. You need to scan tons of resumes daily, trying to find the most relevant and interesting for them. And it’s normal when it’s not a huge company with up to 10 people. BUT when we’re talking about huge and corporate “machine” with 1K+ staff – it’s a bit other deal. In such companies, HR’s are trying to do optimization everywhere they can do that. And the first optimization they do – it’s an ATS.

What does ATS mean? It’s an applicant tracking system – special software, which was developed to make HR’s life much easier and to SAVE their time. How an ATS works and what is the main algorithm? The main mechanic is to match keywords in your resume with a keywords in job ad description. Not hard, but still you need to have some understanding on how it works to optimize your resume for such alerts to be sure that your resume will be on HR’s table.

Resume Keywords – a core of an ATS algorithm

As we have already mentioned above, each ATS system – it’s a small search engine, which provide a resumes (with some rankings) to a hiring manager. And Keywords in your resume are the main ranking factor. You need to remember the main rule – if your resume is not optimized well, you don’t even have chances to compete with other candidates, because your resume was not delivered to a “consideration” pile.

How an average ATS funnel looks like

resume keywords 2018

ATS interface – how it looks like

How a candidate’s matching algorithm works inside ATS

The main goal of any applicant tracking system is to provide a hiring manager the best candidates for a vacant positions. But we’re going to deep into some details and let you understand HOW IT WORKS.

Lets define main steps to figure out on what’s going on each step:

  • Hiring manager opened new hire position. Nothing special on this step, a job description was already written and skills-set was defined;
  • Hiring manager upload (or mapping) a resume description to an ATS machine;
  • Once a job description was successfully uploaded, system start processing a job description, trying to find out resume keywords and retrieving suggested keywords from an ATS keyword database;
ATS resume 2018

How an ATS machine parse keywords in your resume

  • ATS parsed and stored all the keywords, related to a specific job ad;
  • Potential candidate applied his/her resume to a specific job ad;
  • Applicant tracking system start matching keywords from your resume with the range of keywords (parsed before) from a job ad;
  • According to the number of hits – software rank resumes;

Resume keywords – How to increase chances

There are some approaches on how to find a keywords for your resume 2018. Some of them are really non-ordinary, but works even better that traditional.

The first one – Traditional

Nothing special. There is no any logic here. You are the same candidate as others and you have your resume already written and ready for an application process. Now you are looking for some interesting job ads to apply your resume.

What usually most candidates do after their resume was already written? They optimize it using a keywords. Usually they include keywords into achievement block and skills.

Be aware of buzzwords – because it’s not the same as keywords. And sometimes it makes your resume look unprofessional.

The second one – Tailored

Once you have already coped with a job search and you have a list of job ads – it’s a time to craft your resume a bit. We’re not talking about tailored resume format, we’re talking about how to optimize your resume using keywords.

  1. Copy text description to a new doc;
  2. Open special tool, which generate pictures from a keywords;
  3. Paste text into input field.
resume 2018 keywords

How to hack an ATS systems and increase your chances to GET the JOB in the company you are looking for

As you can see from a sample above, the most interesting keyword from a pasted description – “GSS” is what they are looking for. Using such approach, you can create your own list of keywords to include to your optimized resume.

At the end. Using keywords in your resume is really good for ATS systems, but you need to be really careful. Because hiring manager is going to read your resume, not a machine, and you need to care about how easy to read your resume is going to be.

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