Latest 30+ Resume 2018 DO’s and DONT’s

As we have already mentioned before, resume writing process is not as easy as you could probably expected. Moreover, when we are talking about polishing or updating your professional resume. To be frank, not all the hiring manager even know what is good to include to your resume and what stuff is better to remove. And to write an outstanding resume, you need to deep into some details, which are critical from the HR perspective and could be meaningless for you. And such tiny details could help you to win this game and to get the job you are looking for.

According to our internal researches and polls, we decided to create a concise document, which could not only help you to avoid mistakes, BUT even could stand you out in more positive light. So, if you are in active job search or decided to update your resume – our post can help you to do that. It doesn’t mean that you need to delete your current resume from computer. Some job seekers are using that as a check up list to be sure if they polish their resume according to the latest resume rules.

RESUME 2018 Latest DO’s and DON’Ts CHECK LIST

#1 DO. Relevant Experience – Key to success

resume 2018 experience

Experience in your resume 2018 is the most important “ingredient”

When you are hunting people or seeking a relevant candidate for a specific position, the first thing you are looking for in resume – relevant experience. Why? Because you clearly understand that such candidates are able cope with such job. And you don’t need to double check it.

So, when you are writing your professional resume, you need to pay attention to your experience section. Hiring managers are busy people, but at the same time – their main goal is to close vacant position. Show them that you worth to be considered. Tailor your experience for a job ad and you will see an effect immediately.

#2 DON’T. Panic if you lack relevant experience

lack of experience in resume

What should you do, when you miss a relevant experience in your resume?

There are some cases, when you are looking for a specific position or company, BUT you have not enough relevant experience to get this job. Such things happens, most likely, when you are fresh grad or recently finished your college.

Don’t worry about that. Hiring manager are not stupid, they do understand that you have just graduated and you were not able to gain specific experience. The only one thing you could do here – to show transferable skills. Maybe you took part in some internal projects or courses? If yes, it’s a good idea to show that in your resume. HR could understand that you do not afraid to participate in events and you are open to get what you want.

#3 DO. Optimize for ATS Systems

ATS optimized resume 2018

All you need to know about how to cheat an ATS systems and WIN!

What do you know about Applicant tracking systems? Have you ever heard about them? If YES – it’s really cool, if NOT – it’s a good idea to deep into some details. So, what is ATS and how to optimize your resume for ATS systems?
Everything need to be automated as much as possible. HR’s are trying to do their daily duties much easier using such soft as Applicant tracking systems. What’s inside common applicant tracking software? Nothing complicated! There are list of different keywords linked with different position. Each hiring manager can change such lists or optimize them the way they need to do that.

What does it mean for you? It means that your resume need to include some KeyWords, which scanned by machine to understand whether you are relevant candidate or not. It’s a pity, but sometimes there are such cases, when you could be more relevant candidate comparing to others, but ATS can put your resume into spam list.

#4 DON’T. use other candidate’s resume

resume 2018

No need to steel somebody’s resume. Write your own story

This is the one of the most common mistakes, when candidates using stolen resumes to write their own resume. It’s not a problem when you are using resume format to polish your own resume. The problem is when you use somebody’s responsibilities or duties.

And hiring manager could easily check that. For example you decided to use the part of somebody’s text in your resume. HR could easily google that. And if google return matches – seems like you have ZERO chances even to be invited for an interview. So, if you decided to use some parts of text’s – rewrite it.

#5 DO. Show your Value

value of resume 2018

What value you could bring to your future employer?

It’s hard to buy something if you can’t understand why exactly do you need that. The same thing is about your resume. Your resume is a kind of marketing document. You are trying to sell your candidacy as much effective as it possible.

BUT the problem is that hiring managers are pretty picky persons. All the time they are looking for the best candidates and if it’s not you – there are zero chances. It could be like that, but you can show them “WHY YOU” things. And the only one thing which works here – figures and numbers. Show them in your resume, to let them understand what exactly you did and what value you did bring to your previous companies.

#6 DON’T. violate NDA rules

resume rules 2018

Remember! You should not violate NDA rules you have signed!

We understand that sometimes you want to impress hiring managers or have additional chances to be invited for an interview including some information to your resume, which is under NDA. It’s not a good idea at all.

At first, if you do such things at your current place of work, it means that you could do the same things once again. And they don’t want that. The other reason why you should not do that – they could simply call to your HR manager and tell that you include information to your resume, which is under NDA.

#7 DO. Soft skills are skills too

resume skills 2018

Not ONLY hard skills can help you to win desired position

We saw too many resumes, when really strong candidates did not include their soft skills into resume, We even don’t know why. Maybe they have their own reasons to not do that. But at the end result, they have their resume a bit weaker, compared to other the same level candidates.
If you are seeking for a manager position it’s important to show HR what skills (soft) you have already gained. Be ready to explain them during an interview, because hiring manager will pay attention to this details.

#8 DON’T. Include vague or obvious skills

CV 2018 skills

Vague skills are meaningless and will not bring you more power!

This is the one of the most irritating factors for a hiring managers, when job seekers are including every buzzwords they find on the web. It’s not the best idea if you want to get the job you are looking for. And it’s not about keywords in your resume, when you are trying to beat an ATS system. Now we’re talking about skills.

Before you are going to include some skills to your professional resume, you need to understand that each skill should be proved during an interview. And there is no need to include skills, which are really obvious. I.e you know how to use PC. Please, don’t mention it as a skill in your CV. The same thing is about: good listener, deep understanding, team player, etc.

#9 DO. include volunteer experience if any

resume experience

If you have volunteer experience, it’s a good idea to include it to your resume

It’s not the most common situation, when job seekers include some volunteer experience in their resumes, but it could help you to enhance your resume. You could ask us how? It’s a good opportunity to show off your other skills you have gained. Also it’s cool to show your potential employee, that you are not fully money-oriented person.

#10 DON’T. include divisive experience

resume 2018 advices

Try to omit divisive experience and try to exclude it from your resume 2018

If you used to work as a driver or a sales manager for a specific organization – it’s “white” experience. But if you used to work as a weight-loss pills dealer, it’s a bit other situation and most of HR’s will ask you if it was legal. So, if you are not sure about the reaction of hiring managers and you understand that it was something “grey”, it’s better to exclude from your resume.

#11 DO. Include Personal Achievements

resume achievement 2018

Resume achievements – good way to sell your candidacy better

There are too many ways on how to attract more hiring manager’s attention and to sale your candidacy in the more effective way. They don’t know nothing about you, all they could see is your resume. And sometimes it’s really hard, even for an experienced hiring manager to understand who you are and how effective you were on the previous job.

You need to help them to understand how well you are. You have something they evan can’t expect. Your resume achievement section is the best place to tell your reader what they should know about. Here you can tell them everything on why you are the best. If you have some doubts on what to include here, we left you a link in a previous sentence to read more about this resume block.

#12 DON’T. Include weird hobbies

latest resume 2018

Don’t tell them everything! Leave something inside!

There are some cases, when job seekers include so weird hobbies, that sometimes you even can’t understand if they are really adequate. And if you don’t want to be the one of those candidates who add unrelated hobbies and after that can’t understand why hiring managers don’t call you – first of all, stop doing that. Nobody cares if you are collecting old furniture or hunting snakes. It’s not related to your job. And there is no need to scare HR’s even before you interview process.

#13 DO. Tell Them how you quit

resume 2018 tips

How did you leave your previous place of work?

Hiring managers are really careful and want to know all about any candidate, And the one of the most popular question is: “Why you decided to leave your previous job? What was wrong? Or maybe it were some special circumstances?” They want to know all about your leave. And you need to help them. It’s not hard to write some words with the reasons why you leaves and what was the main reason.

#14 DON’T. Use a Resume Objective

resume objective 2018

Should you really use resume objective?

Some job seekers would say – “What are you talking about? Why should i not use resume objective statement?” And somehow they will be right. BUT in some cases, if you would like to stand out from a crowd, it’s a good idea to change your objective to something more creative and useful.

What else it could be? Achievements. This is something more fresh and could help your hiring manager understand why you are the one, who should be invited for an interview.

# 15 DO. Include Summary Statement

resume 2018 summary

You need to think once again about summary in your 2018 resume

Have you ever heard something about resume summary statement? If not, it’s a good idea to write about it now. More and more candidates are using resume summary because it’s a nice way to tell your reader a bit more, before they will start reading your resume. It’s like some words, before a big talk with somebody. And if you want to Wow a hiring manager, you’d better to spend some time preparing a good summary block.

# 16 DON’T. Conceal Gaps in Resume

resume gaps

Employment gaps in your resume. Even they are, hide them or remove

Doesn’t matter who you were or who you are at the moment, or which position you obtain at the moment – never leave your employment gaps without any explanation. Hiring managers are not clairvoyants, they can’t see past and if they can’t understand something, they start thinking or guess how probably it was. The same situation is about your gaps in your resume. If you did not leave some explanations about them, HR’s are start thinking about it and try to find explanations. Do you really believe they will do right conclusions? It’s not, sometimes, right conclusions. So, or do not leave gaps in your resume, or explain them. And if you don’t know how to hide gaps, read more about functional resume format.

# 17 DO. Never lie in resume

resume structure 2018

You can lie in your resume, BUT you can’t lie to a hiring manager

It’s really obvious things, but you should never lie in your resume. And it’s not because you are trying to explain your previous problems, or stand out from a mass of other candidates. It’s more about how hiring manager can understand if you are telling truth during an interview or just lying to him or her.

They have tons of ways on how to understand if you are lying. And sometimes it’s better to tell true – in this case you have more chances not only to be considered, but to be employed.

# 18 DON’T. use NEGATIVE in resume

resume 2018

On;y positive thinking! Stop writing negative things in your resume

Stop writing your resume from a negative prospective. It doesn’t matter what position are you looking for, and what position you gained. You need to show only POSITIVE attitude. Let’s try to look at some examples. For example you are sales manager and overwriting your accomplishments.

  • Increased sales goals in 2X times, which was really hard to do;
  • Reached ambitious goals in 2X times and reached a good results.

The second one is much better, because it let hiring managers think about you much better. Why better? Because they understand they you are thinking in positive way.

# 19 DO. use Keywords in resume

resume keywords 2018

What keywords to use in your resume and why should you use them?

There are some point of views about Keywords. Some hiring managers believe that it’s not a good idea to include them to your resume. From other hand, some HR’s believe that keywords help them to understand what skills do you have and how useful they could be for their company.

It’s all good, but we know how resume keywords could be useful for you. Have you ever heared something about ATS systems? Have you ever fight against applicant tracking systems? If not – you missed your chances. And we know everything about how to enhance your resume using right keywords.

# 20 DON’T. include references

resume references

It’s not good idea to leave references in your resume anymore

Simply STOP doing that. Even more, stop adding such old phrase like “references upon request”. It’s like old fashion. If hiring manager would like to ask for references, he/she will do that. And they will not ask you, if they would like to call to your ex-employer.

# 21 DO. Include Contact Info

resume contact details

Have you checked all the contact information in your resume?

Have you ever heard something about candidates, who forgot to add a contact information to their resumes? There are soch cases. And sometimes brilliant resumes are not brilliant, when a hiring managers don’t know how to call you back.

So, if you spent your time writing an outstanding resume, please, check twice if you include proper tel. Number and it is correct.

# 22 DON’T. use ACRONYMS

resume acronyms 2018

Do you still believe they understand you?

If you are the only one who knows what does THPF mean, that’s cool for you, BUT not for the hiring managers, who are trying to guess who or what it is. You need to explain such acronyms in your resume, or simply not to use them. If you have something to say, please do it during an interview. That’s why, please, remove them.

# 23 DO. Use one page resume template

one page resume 2018

One page resume sample – the best option for those, who want to win!

As you have already understood, hiring managers are really busy people. They don’t want to spend tons of time reading different, sometimes not interesting resumes. If they start scanning process – they want to see what they want to see, and you need to help them to do that.

Your resume must be clean and concise. Without any non-related information, which would only bring more mess, than real results. To reach this result, it’s a really good idea to use one-page resume. All information, which is less important, you need to remove. Writing your resume, you include the most important and worthless information about your candidacy. And it works!

#24 DON’T. Try to shove all at one page

resume formatting 2018

No need to include everything to a one page resume! Only the most important information.

One page resume format – does not mean, that you need to include all the information at one page, making your font smaller. It’s not about how to make your resume unable to read in final result, it’s more about how to leave the most important things in your resume. And those parts, which you could leave for an interview – you’d better to leave for that times.

Hiring managers are the same people as we are and if you still believe that 8pt font is easy to read, that means that you have less chances, compared to other candidates. So, review your resume once again, and if you will find something to remove, do it.

#25 DO. Try to use video resume

video resume 2018

Video resume – have you ever tried to record yourself?

Have you ever heard something about video resume? This is a new trend in a resume writing, when you have not only a docx document, which overwrite all your experience. Here you have a video file, which could help you to show your presentation skills.

More and more candidates using video resume to present themselves. It works better and it’s a proven fact. Hiring manager see it and can make some decisions, based on how you can communicate or present yourself. So, do not hesitate to use this type of resume.

#26 DON’Т. Waste too much time on designing your resume

resume design 2018

No time to create a design for your professional resume. Try resume templates.

We have already told that each resume is a marketing document, and each candidate is trying to sell his/her candidacy as much better, as it possible. And you can do that using two ways here: improving or polishing your resume content or attracting HR”s attention via creative resume design.

And when we’re talking about outstanding resume design, some candidates goes crazy and trying to draw a picture instead of professional resume template. It’s not an art competition, it’s your resume. And if you are hesitate if your resume looks professional, try to use already prepared resume templates.

#27 DO. Professional resume template

resume templates 2018

Try to use professional resume templates only!

No need to waste time, trying to invite your own resume template. Moreover, it can be not professional, and will not support any formatting rules. What does it mean for you? It’s not a big problem, but hiring manager could face some difficulties trying to read it.

How it could be solved? We have prepared a list of professionally made resume 2018 templates in docx format. Each resume template is absolutely free to download and formatted according to the latest trends. Use them and get your job!

#28 DON’T. Use different fonts in resume

resume 2018 fonts

If you use one resume font, use it across the whole resume.

It’s not about resume formatting rules, it’s more about how difficult to read your resume. Your resume must be easy to read, whatever you do with it. And the one and main rule here – don’t use different fonts in resume.

It can be not only hard to read your resume, but could be additional irritating factor for specific hiring managers. And your goal hear, not to lose chances to be invited for an interview, but to GET A JOB.

#29 DO. Use figures to show achievements

resume achievements section

If you want to impress hiring manager, you need to quantify achievements in your resume.

Sometimes it’s really hard to assess your results, even though if you are not specialist in a certain field. And most likely, hiring managers are seeking for candidates and trying to assess them based on their resume. How they could understand if you are good candidate, or should they spend some time to find someone else to invite for an interview.

Tell them more about how well you are. How to do that? Easy, if you can quantify your achievement! Provide numbers. Numbers more easy to compare or to understand. If you increase something, provide numbers.

#30 DON’T. Forget to check spelling\grammar mistakes

resume 2018 mistakes

Before you will send your resume, check it twice for grammar and spelling mistakes

Suck stupid mistakes sometimes could cost you your job. Why? Because this is the most irritating factor in resumes for a hiring managers. Candidates, who even don’t spend their time to double check what they send to hiring manager will lose their job immediately.

There are tons of different services to check grammar or spelling mistakes in your documents. You should not ignore simple rules and follow them.

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