How Professional CV Template 2018 Could Help You

Stop trying to amaze somebody with an outstanding resume 2018. In some cases, resume content worth nothing, if it doesn’t pack the right way. That’s why more and more resume writing consultants all the time are trying to emphasize a significant role of the resume format, which you are going to use for your resume.

If you still thinking that there is no reason, which resume resume format to use – you simply decrease your chances to get the right job. When your resume is lying on HR’s table and hiring manager scan it, all the details make sense and matter. And you know why? Because you have less than six seconds to show the most valuable information for a hiring manager and after let them call you.

Main Purposes of Diffrent Resume Formats 2018

The main goal of any resume format – organization of the information across your resume to promote the most valuable data to a hiring managers and conceal all other gaps. (which probably could be crucial for a decision making)

There are many different resume templates you could find on the web, but now we’re going to talk about the most used of them.

Chronological resume template is a good decision for candidates with a solid background and who has enough work experience to show it in their resumes. The main logic here is to show your experience into reverse chronological order.

CV Template 2018

Functional resume template is a good option for those candidates, who feel power into their skills. As you have already understood, this type of resume format helps to concentrate on your skill-set more. Nice solution for job seekers with a different experience in different areas, which would only enhance their chances to find a job by specific skills.

resume format 2018

Combination resume template is kind of mix of two resume templates above. When you would like to show your skills and have enough interesting projects behind you back. Why don’t you need to tell about that in your resume? You should do that! That’s why candidates decided to not forget about this type of format.

2018 CV Template

Which CV Template is right for me?

To be frank, not all the candidates knows which resume format should they use to stand out from a crowd! Most likely because they not always understand which resume template could bring them more value. We knew about such problem and prepared some lists with tips on how to use resume formats in a specific cases.

Resume 2018 Templates – Usage Guidelines

Chronological CV Template 2018

The on of the most traditional and common resume templates for job seekers and hiring managers as well. It includes almost everything: Dates, companies, projects, achievements – and all these in chronological order to save hr’s time to understand who you are. BUT the main question now – is this type of resume template works for you OR you need to find something else? Now let’s try to understand that.

Does Resume Template works for you?

  • You worked for a long time in one area and you are not sure about if you are going to change something.
  • Impressive work history with a clear career growth.
  • You have some impressive projects or companies you worked in and you would like to show HR what are you proud of.
  • You have no employment gaps in your resume, which would be hard to explain.

Functional CV Template 2018

When soft or hard skills you have gained during your career path is your main asset – functional resume is a nice opportunity for you. You show to employee only the most relevant stuff they would like to get. That’s why we would like to recommend you to pick such type of resume in cases, when you want to sell skills.

When functional resume template is good option for you?

  • You decided to change your career and the new area you would like to work in is quite different to where you used to work in the last few years (you are CFO, but you tired of that and would like to start your career as sales manager)
  • There are some employment gaps in your resume and you don’t know how to explain them at all. In such case, it’s possible to hide such gaps, because the main purpose of functional resume template – is to concentrate HR attention on your skills.
  • You want to re-enter a job market. It’s not an easy task, but you need to show skills, which hiring managers are looking for.

Combination CV Template 2018

When you believe that you have an outstanding skill-set and your career path was impressive enough, it’s a good option to use a combination resume template.

When to use combination resume template

  • You have enough volunteer experience and would like to highlight that in your resume
  • Your job title do not explain clearly your position

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