Latest Job Search Tips 2018

It’s really nice, that you decided to change something in your life. Because if you are here, that means that you are trying to get the new job or change the current one. And it doesn’t matter what’s up with your previous place of work, now we’re going to share with you some tips on how to enhance your chances to get the new one.

job search tips 2018

Latest job searching tips 2018 you need to know about

According to our latest polls and feedback sessions we did last months – we decided to grab the most common questions and provide you with the latest job search tips. Some candidates are concentrated on such important stuff like resume format or resume template. BUT now we’re going to ask you to pay your attention to job searching process and follow our TIPS. And here we go..

#1. Most irritating mistakes to AVOID

The are tons of other resume 2018 mistakes, you’d better to avoid, when you are writing your resume. But grammar or spelling mistakes – it’s something special. Because each hiring manager truly believe that each candidate MUST proofread their resume, before it sent to a hiring manager. If you don’t want to get instant reject – you’d better have your spell checker turned on.

#2. Knock the door twice

Follow up after an interview or applications. If you still believe that such things irritating hiring managers – you are completely wrong. In fact, HR’s find out job seekers, who asking and worry about their next steps are quite responsible individuals. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask for a feedback. For such cases, most likely, hiring managers leave their e-mail or phone.

#3. Keep everything under control

When you start your job searching process without any tracking activities, in one week, you will not remember who did you call last Saturday and what HR asked you to send a cover letter. That’s why it’s important to keep everything under control. It’s not hard to do, because there are tons of way on how you can organize that. Some candidates are using Excel or notes. But we would like to suggest you to use google calendar + spreadsheets, because it’s easy to set up reminders and get notifications. And everything is under control.

#4 Separate e-mail address

There is one golden rule – “Temporary e-mail address for each job search project”. If you believe that you have an outstanding resume and you have never lied to a hiring manager, it’s better to use your private e-mail. But if you are trying to hide something or did it before, it’s a good idea to use the new one e-mail. Also it’s a good idea for such cases, if your e-mail was earlier rejected by an ATS machine. By the way, do you know how to write a resume to beat ATS?

#5 Small “Wins” or milestone goals

It’s really hard to stay motivated during the whole time of your job searching process. Moreover if you were laid off or it was department reduction. So, it’s a good idea to create your own milestone goals, which you need to reach on the daily or weekly basis. For example – number of application you did today, yday or during the last week. How many calls did you get during the specified period of time? Did you reached your milestone goal? Anyway, such things is like a gamification motivators, which would help you go on and stay motivated.

#6. Keep your resume updated all the time

Some candidates start thinking about their resume, only when it comes to a new job searching process. And it’s completely wrong approach. And it’s not only because you need to spend your time on that, instead of start sending resumes to a hiring managers. It’s because you can miss some important details. Do you remember all your achievements and figures, which can only increase your chances to get employed? Of course not, if you did not keep your resume updated.

#7. References

Forget about phrase “references upon request” in your resume. It’s outdated. It’ not serious and irritate hiring managers. If you want to provide some contacts, who are ready to give a feedback – the best time to do that is after an interview process. Not earlier!

#8. Impressive Cover Letter

Believe us or not, but cover letter is the one of the power tool, which could not only help you to increase your chances to be invited to an interview, but probably to get the job. If you are still hesitant whether to write a cover letter or not – you definitely should do that. But before you will start writing it, read how to write a cover letter to get the winning position.

#9. Attend more interviews

Practice – it’s your friend here. You should remember one good rule – the more interviews you attend, the more experience you’ll get. You will understand how to behave in particular situation, what is good to say and what information is better to conceal. At the end, you will know how to win the negotiations.

#10. Use social media and your network

Stops thinking that only job ads could bring you a new job. It’s not true. You show use any channels, which could help you to land the job this year. Use social media! Have you ever tried to ask your friends about vacant positions they probably have at the moment?

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