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What JOB do i want to GET?

Before you even start writing your resume 2018, we would like to prevent you from the most common mistake all the job seekers do. Usual and predictable situation is – they start writing their resumes before they even understand what are they looking for and what exactly job they would like to get. You are not writing a resume just for a couple months. You are writing a marketing document, which is going to help you to LAND THE JOB you would like to get. And you would like a hiring manager call you back – you resume must be outstanding. And what is outstanding resume: It’s when a candidate meets all the necessary requirements to the position. And to do that – you need to understand what you want AT FIRST.

resume 2018

What exactly job you are looking for in 2018?

What should i understand

We have never met job seekers, who don’t know anything about the job they would like to get. BUT there were some cases, when candidates heard something, but they were not deep into details. As result – they were really disappointed. And our goal is to make you happy with your new job this year. So, before you start writing your new resume, you need to research a bit more about what job are interesting for you and how you are going to tailor your resume for a desired positions. By the way – if you already know what position you’d like to gain, you need to consider tailored resume format. This is the best option for those, who would like to get the best result.

Where should I START

“What should i do?” or are there any resources, which could help me to understand what skills should i have to get the job i want? It’s a normal question for the most job seekers (not for a senior specialist), but for a career changer or junior candidate. Good questions, because there are no any special documentation or web resources, which could easily tell you detailed information about how to write a resume for each position. So, you are here on your own and need to bring some efforts to understand what you want. A great idea – job ads platforms. There are tons of different job ad with the requirements. Read them to understand if what you are looking for meet your expectations.

Job portals could help you

If you faced the same problem and can’t understand what job you would like to get, the is the one and the best solution in your case. You need to open some job search websites and try to find a job using a job title you need. After you are done with that, take a sheet of paper and do some notes about requirements, skills and any other important information.

After you are done with your notes, and already understood what job is right for you – you can start writing your resume. If you are not sure or need some additional research – please take your time and do it. After you are cope with that – move to other steps, which could help you to write a resume 2018.

How to research skills

As we have already mentioned above, you are about to write a resume and don’t know what job you would like to get. Skills – searching technique could be a winning option for those candidates, who has strong soft or hard skills and want to put their skills to use in exciting projects.

So, you are probably in the situation like that:

  1. You have some hard and soft skills, BUT you don’t know what position you could probably get. That’s a good idea to do a small job ads research.
  2. You know what exactly job you want to get, BUT you are not sure if you have enough hard and soft skills to get this job.

What should i do (instructions):

— ♦ Find the most popular and visited job ads platforms or any other platform with a huge amount of different job ads.


— ♦ For example you are looking for a driver position, you can easily understand what exactly skills are employers are looking for.

— ♦ Choose some and wait till the platform would suggest you some interesting job titles. We have tried to pick a “Truck Driving” skills. Below are some job titles you could use for your tailored resume.

resume 2018 skills

All you need to know about how search a skills

2. How to research salary

You are looking for a specific position. It’s a normal situation, that you would like to know what is estimate salary you would get. BUT how could you know that? There is an outstanding service all our job searcher use – payscale

resume 2018

How much could you earn using your skills, before you start writing your resume 2018

Just enter a job title or a position name to get the figures. After you will have some data to understand what estimate salary you could get. Median – is the most offered salary on the labor market. Also, salary depends on the region and the level of your expertise. But still – it a good tool for estimation.

How to understand my career path

Surfing job ads websites you are looking for different positions, which you would like to get. It’s a normal way on how an average job seeker act. BUT there are some candidates, who would like to know a bit more about their potential career path in case they would like to apply for a specific position.
For such cases we recommend you to use the same payscale tool. Here is an example below for an accountant position.

What are my next steps

Once a deep research was already done, you need to cope with your resume. We hope that now you know what position you would like to get. If no, you need to understand. So, let’s move to the next step to write an outstanding resume 2018, which would increase your chances to get the job you want.

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