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As you have already understood, today we’re going to talk a bit about a job searching process. And today we’re going to share with you some our experience we gained and hope you would get it as well, reading our post. Why we decided to pick such topic? We got too many answers in last few months. And most of them were not about how to write an outstanding resume. People were asking about which difficulties will they face trying to change their position or if they will be in an active job search.

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What to do, when they decided to laid you off? How to behave and what are your next steps?

To be frank, job searching process is a huge stress for any candidate, even he or she is experienced enough to cope with any issues. When you start or even better is thinking about to change a job, you have some fears about what to do then. And there are too many different questions you would probably have..BUT we want to share with you some answers. And such answers could help you stay more confident and passion about your future or expectations you probably have at the moment.

Transition Process – Be ready

It’s not a secret for any candidate, who is not in active job search, that job searching process could be really exhausting. And it’s not because you are bad candidate, it’s because of tons of other factors. However, sometimes it’s not a problem to get a new job, and even more to negotiate all the details about your job offer. But suddenly, your current employer is not ready to let you go easily.

What should you do then? You need to be prepared for such situation and to be one step ahead. That does not mean that you need to stole some information to blackmail your current boss. That means – you need to start finishing your current projects and do not initiate any new tasks. Start creating handover documentation for such cases, when you will not have enough time to cope with that. The main goal here – to be ready for any situation.

Resigning – What to do

There are too many reasons job seekers resign. Today we’re not going to talk about each case, because we don’t want to deep into details. Now we’re going to tell you what to do, if you decided to do that.

First of all you need to double check some really important details and agreements. The first one – it’s the timing. If other company is already confirmed your candidacy, they need to provide you an exact time of your first date in a new company.

The second thing you need to do – be ready for a tricky questions, because hiring manager will ask you them. Why? Because they MUST know why you were resigned or what were the reasons. And you need to be prepared for such questions.

They Fired You

There are too many cases, when employer decide to reduce costs or find you performance not efficient OR..There could be too many “or”. But you need to keep stay calm and seeking for a new opportunities. And before you will start you new job searching process, you need to make sure you coped with the following things below:

Your ex-employer knows nothing about which companies you are going to visit (for an interview or it’s going to be a feedback about your candidacy)
You should not tell your ex-employer what is the current company you work in.
In case they laid you off because of explainable reasons (budget cuts or restructuring) – you could provide a contacts of your manager if they would ask for references.

Are you ready to explain all?

Even don’t think about to lie, when they would ask you to share your career story. Only truth, because they could easily check it. They could ask you to tell them more details about yourself or just tell them an impressive story about your outstanding career path. Be ready for that – they are testing you. And they are listening you carefully. If they would find any mismatches in details – they could ask you and you would stand not in the positive light.

What job do you want to get?

You need to clearly understand what exactly job you would like to get at the end result. In other case, you would only irritate hiring manager, who will try to understand that instead of you.

Before you start your job searching process, even you are not the strongest specialist, you need to know what exactly job do you want to get and what do you expect from your employer in the nearest 2-3 years. It’s important first of all for you. Because you need to have a clear vision about how you are going to develop yourself and what are your expectation from employer.

Online Presence – Polish it

Have you ever run your personal blog? Or maybe you have a pretty cool and full of stuff social profile? If yes, you need to be ready, if they would like to scan some information about you.

Before you would even think about to update your resume 2018 or polish it, you need to clean up your social profiles. Most Likely, it’s about Facebook or some others popular networks you post some content and actively run. If we’re talking about professional forums – it’s a good kind of stuff, which you could even show in your resume.

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