100+ Resume Samples 2018 in Word format

Too many job seekers face difficulties when it comes to write an outstanding resume. Outstanding resume – is the one, which would not only overwrite your career path, but would help you to stand out from a crowd of other candidates. So many letters we received and too many answers we done helping job seekers to pick the right resume template and explained which resume 2018 format to use. More and more candidates, who are in active job search take care about how to choose a proper resume template.

Too bright or too professional or unprofessional..That’s all about an average job seeker think. To be frank, you need to be an experienced candidate to be sure if you picked the right resume 2018 template, which would only enhance your chances. In other way, you could only lose a competition. We heard about that tons of times and we tried to answer them again and again. That’s why we prepared 100+ professional resume templates 2018 in docx format absolutely free to download at any time. All you need – to download any resume sample and edit it the way you need and start your job searching process. And that’s all. You don’t need to think about, how to create a professional resume, you already have them on this page. Download and share with your friends!


Your resume is like a marketing document, which help you to sell your candidacy in the most profitable way. And that’s why you need to take care after each detail of your professional resume. Now we’re going to share with you the most important parts of your resume, which you need to think about and double check.

CONTENT is a CORE. Whatever you did or whenever you did something, content is a core of your resume. You can pick the best template or use the most winning resume format, but if you don’t have the right strategy on what to include in your resume sections, you have less chances compared to other candidates. So, if you still hesitant about your what’s inside your resume, feel free to check it once again using our resume 2018 guide.

RESUME FORMAT. We saw too many strong resumes and strong candidates behind their resumes, but to their misfortune – they still have proper resumes, but don’t have a good job. Why? Because they were on the right way with the resume content, but they picked wrong resume format. And could not SELL their candidacy in the most effective way.

RESUME TEMPLATE. It’s a face of your resume. When a hiring manager open your resume template, the first thing they see – it’s your template and the way your resume looks like. Devil in details! You need to pay enough attention to what you are going to use for your resume and how professional your resume 2018 template is. And now, if you are still in a template seeking process, feel free to pick one from our library. We would be really glad if you could share our resume templates with your friends.

Chronological resume templates 2018

What do you think about when you hear something about “chronological”? The first thing, which you trying to imagine is that something is done into strict order sorted by time. The same thing is about this type of resume format. All your experience should be overwritten into reverse-chronological order.

Why should i use this resume template

Before you will start using that, you’d better see some other resume structures, but if you are ready to pick this – it’s a pretty good choice. Good choice for those candidates, who has a solid experience and can impress hiring manager with their experience backgroung. Also, if you used to work in some well-known companies – it should be a good advantage for you as well.

Chronological resume could be tricky

Yes – that’s truth! It’s definately not the best option for those candidates, who would like to include as much soft and hard skills, but their backstage is not as well, as they expect. Those candidates, who can’t brag about impressive achievements and pretty stront career stage – should think about some other resume 2018 format.


Functional resume format 2018

Functional format of resume is focused on your skills and strengths. It’s not about how impressive your career path was in past. Nobody needs that in your resume now. Using this type of resume template, you would need to show all your transferable skills, which you gained and sell them to a hiring manager. Nothing hard to do and pretty effective at the same time. Moreover, this resume template has tons of advantages. And the biggest one – you don’t need to take care about gaps in your resume or some short employment periods. All you should think about is your skills and how strong they are.

Why functional resume format could be suspicious? Because many headhunters still believe this resume writing template is a good attempt to hide uncomfortable information. And somehow they are right. You have a good changes to conceal some information in your resume 2018. Any dates, any achievements, nobody knows who you really are. Simply skills-set and that’s all how they can understand you.

Combination resume template

Also known as a hybrid resume format. Was invented by those job seekers, who can’t place all the information using a specific resume template. That’s why they decided to combine two resume templates into one. Strange, but they still believe that it works much better to them and as result, they get more offers.

What could be inside such resume? Nothing special. Sometimes such resume samples could be completely hard to be read by a hiring managers. But only in cases, when they were written completely unprofessional. Inside the box, there are two different approaches in resume writing, which are mixed into a good connection of skills and experience.

When it’s a good option? When you are career-changer or looking for a completely other field. It’s a nice opportunity to show your skills-set and career path at the same time.

Modern Resume Template

As you can understand from the name of thos type of resume 2018 format, we tried to create an outstanding resume template with eye-catching design. Our main goal here was to catch all the HR’s attention to the top part of your resume content. Using this lifehack, you can place the most important information about you in this section and get more chances to get an e-mail or a phone call. As we have already talked in our previous topics, your resume is a marketing tool. It help you to get a hiring managers attention and let them remember who you are and why you are good to fit desired position.

Resume Template 2018 With Columns

There are some cases, when you are not satisfied with all the above-mentioned resume templates and looking for a something special. We surfed the web and find out that job seekers are looking for a resume template with columns. It’s thir vision on how they would like to see their resume. That’s wy we decided to create some samples in docx format to make your life easier, when you would like to download it and make some changes.

Blocks and columns. It’s the best separators, when you want to attract readers attention to a specific sector. Good lifehack, which works and hiring manager can get in your trap.

Resume Template 2018 – Creative Edition

Here we tried to show to our users a bit creative approach in resume writing and how resume templates could be different. Resume is a marketing document and it must attract attention. We don’t want you to limit yourself in your creativity. There are some creative resume 2018 examples on how resume can looks like nowdays.

Resume Templates with photos

It’s not a good practice to add your photo into a resume. But there are some cases, when it could be a good booster for a hiring manager, when he/she will pick a specific candidate from a pile. That’s why so many, most likely young candidates preffer to include photos into their CV. Demand is really high, but there are no so many good resume 2018 examples, which can meet their aspirations. Accrording to that, we decided to prepare some resume samples with photos and without. Based on that, you will have a chance to compare, which resume sample could be the best option for you.

Which Resume Example 2018 is mine?

There is no right answer on what resume 2018 is yours. There are many approaches and opprortunities you can try and experiment. And mostlikely all depends on you. Some job seekers use one type of resume and cant get their job for ages. Some of them wrote the worst resume we have ever seen and GET their job tomorrow.