Federal Resume Format 2018

Create your federal resume 2018

Federal resume format 2018

How federal resume looks like in 2018

When it comes to resume writing process, all the candidates are the same. Some of them are trying to understand how their resume template 2018 looks like. Some candidates are trying to find a resume template, which will make their life much easier. Laziest job seekers are surfing the web, trying to find resume writing service, which will be reliable and not expensive at the same time. It’s all normal processes all the candidates do while they are in the active job searching process, BUT when we are talking about Federal resume format – you need to forget about everything you knew or used before. Everything is completely different and need your extra attention to details.

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So, you are interesting in a government job position and hesitant about what resume format you need to choose to be considered? According to the latest rules – you need to pick a federal resume format to follow general application processes. NOW you need to forget everything you know about other resume format or templates you have ever read about or seen. Federal resume – it’s not a one page resume, it’s a detailed document (2-5 pages in length), which provides a detailed information about your candidacy to your reader.

Federal Resume Format 2018 – What to include

Federal resume format is not something completely different from the other resumes you have seen on the web. It has it’s own structure and necessary fields, which are required. Most Likely, the structure is the same as other resume formats, but here you will need to deep into details. Here you don’t need to compete with other candidates, here you need to have enough willingness to complete your resume, to write it really good!

Also, you need to keep in your mind, that all the candidates resumes are scanned by HR’s. It’s not a private sector with a huge amount of different ATS systems, which could put a crimp into consideration and resume delivery process. So, there is no need to optimize your resume for an ATS system. All the candidates are on equal footing.

Federal resume 2018 – structure

  • If we are talking about federal resume structure, its structure is really close to chronological resume format. Still, we would like to list all the information your federal resume should include.
  • Education. Before you even tell your reader about your work history, you need to provide a detailed information about you education. Schools, college or university with all the dates. Here you need to provide everything. Even if you have some special awards you got during your educational process – you must include them into your resume.
  • School. Provide a detailed information about your school.
  • Work history. Here you need to show all your career path in reverse chronological order. All the places and companies you worked in with dates.
  • Last 10 years. Some hiring managers suggest to summarize your work history, which is older that 10 years and do not show it in the main “experience” section. We do not suggest you to so that way. Federal resume format – is a detailed resume, where you need to show all the details, even it’s 1o years old.

How to format federal resume 2018

Once you already finished with all the content, you are going to include to your resume, it’s a good time to think about how all the data will be formatted. There are some differences, which you need to follow, crafting your federal resume.

  1. Times New Roman or Arial – are the most common fonts used in federal resumes. Don’t try to do experiments with extraordinary fonts, because it’s risky.
  2. Do not experiment with the font size. The most used font size is 11 pt.
  3. No need to do huge margins. Not less that 1 inch.
  4. Resume length is 3 to 6 pages. It’s not a one-page resume.

Federal resume is the same resume, but it would need more attention from your side. You need to remember that if you would like to get a government job!

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