Eye-Catching Resume Design 2018

Most job seekers are trying to land the job as fast as it could be possible. They are trying different application tactics and approaches. The interesting fact is that creative resume design could be the a good way to grab as many HR’s attention as it possible. Why do you need hiring manager attention? There are two main approaches on how your resume 2018 can interest a hiring managers today: design or layout of your resume and content of your resume.

We know that resume content is the “meat” and it should be relevant. At the same time, when a hiring manager sorting and scanning resumes at his/her ATS – the most attention grabber is an outstanding and creative resume design. Something unordinary, something what they have never seen before.

Personal Brand – Resume design, which increase your brand

When you are writing a resume, you are writing it to reach one main goal – to get a job. It’s like a small process, which finished when you have reached your goal and now you are sitting at your working place. BUT if we would talk about resume like a marketing instrument, which works to promote your personal Brand? Have you ever thought about such idea?

For example you are senior UI designer and you are currently seeking or only monitoring labor market for interesting job opportunities in your area. There are two possible way on how you are going to do your resume design: simple resume written using a chronological resume template OR impressive PDF file which was designed by you using some effects or whatever you would like to add there. Could it be a part of your self-brand marketing story? Definitely – YES, because your resume could work as viral advertisement. Hiring manager will say WOW, when she would download it and would like to show to his/her colleagues. And your resume works like a marketing tool!

Columns in your resume design

Some hiring managers says that you need to omit resume format samples if there are any columns included. And there are some reasons why it’s a useful advice. The first and the main reason on why you need to exclude columns formatting form your resume is – scanning. When a person scans your resume, it’s really hard to read all the information quickly. The other good reason on why you need to think about ome other resume format – ATS systems. They could not grab your resume right and some problems in structure could appear.

Eye-catching resume design

According to the latest trends in resume design – your resume should be done using a professional resume templates and grab as much attention as it possible. BUT at the same time it should not be yellow or red colored everywhere, it should be a right balance of different colors and right layout.

A lot of job seekers still believe that they can create a professional resume layout on their own. They can, but it’s not an easy task to do. You need to be sure if you picked a right fonts, margins, headings and the other crucial artifacts of a successful resume. Do you know which color is in trend now? And which one is the most eye-catching? If not – use professional 2018 resume examples and be satisfied with a result you’ll get.

Landscape resume orientation

Have you ever tried to create your resume using landscape file orientation? We want to assure you that there are no too many candidates, who have ever tried to do that. And there are many reasons for that. They don’t believe that it works and they don’t believe that it could be easy to read. And it’s somehow right assumptions.

But if we would like to see it from other prospective? If there are not too many candidates, who are doing that – you have more chances to impress a hiring manager and grab more attention as the final result.

Different file types

Lets imagine a situation that you have your resume done in pdf format and it looks outstanding. And seems like everything looks fine, but in some period of time hiring managers ask you to provide a copy of your resume in Docx, because of some technical issues. What should you do? You need to have your resume prepared in different file type extensions.

So, which resume design in 2018 is the best one? The is no right answer! The one, which would bring you a new job – this is the right answer. Follow the latest resume trends 2018 and use the latest resume templates to be the #1 candidate!

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