An Expert Advice on the Best Resume 2018 Font

When you start writing your 2018 resume, you try to focus on the content to provide the most important and useful information for reader. Most of candidates believe that resume content is only what hiring managers pay attention to. And they are right somehow! But have you ever tried to ask yourself if a content in your resume attractive enough? Is that easy to read your resume? Does your resume has structure and it’s not hard to understand where are skills and define your career path? It’s all you need to keep in your mind, when you are crafting and polishing your resume. But today we would like to talk a bit about fonts you used in your resume.

CV 2018 font size

Optimal resume font sizes for your resume 2018

How to make your resume easy to read for a hiring managers and what they pay attention to? It’s really interesting trend or better say – research, which was done by many companies using the latest technologies. By the one, which impressed us the most was done by designschool, where they tried to define the best and worst font to use in your resume. You can easily follow the link above and look on which fonts are better and which you should never even try to use. What is cool – they created pictures, where you can see each font and clearly understand how it looks like.

How to pick resume 2018 samples with right fonts?

If you would surf the web, you could probably find tons of different posts about what resume font you should use. We tried to do the same way and find out interesting post on Monster with interesting facts about resume fonts. As you can see, the most used fonts (we took first three) are: Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial.

What should you pay your attention to! If you found a proper resume 2018 samples in docx, opened them and can’t understand what font was used for this resume – there are some rules you need to follow. The first one – it’s a good idea to change resume font to the most popular one. Second – you have chances to watch your resume in ATS trash folder, because of unrecognized fonts. So, if you will find out an outstanding resume 2018 layout, it doesn’t mean that you instantly increase your chances to get the job and it would work as wow-effect!

Best Resume 2018 Fonts – Research & Analytics

According to the all fonts are devided into two groups: Serif vs sans serif. Fonts with a small projecting features are from serif family of fonts. Here is a good example of serif font – Times New Roman. Fonts without such features are called “sans serif” family of fonts. The most well-known examples are Arial or Helvetica.

Now lets try to understand what researchers says us about readability of different font categories. Based on Alex Poole article, there are no huge difference, when you are reading sans serif fonts or serif. And what he seid at the end “if there are any differences – the are not too crucial”. So, if you are still hesitant about which font family to use – there is no need to worry about it.

Does Resume 2018 Font Color and Size important?

After you have finally decided which resume font you are going to pick for your resume 2018, it’s a good time to think about color and font size of your resume. And as always what our experts says about this question? According to theundercoverrecruiter the most useful and easy to read resume 2018 font color is black or strong-grey. When we are talking about fonts size of your 2018 resume – it should be not less than 12 pt. and not more than 14 pt.

As always, it’s more general rules for all job seekers. But as always there are exceptions from the rules. And it could be resumes for designers or federal resume templates. If you are hesitant about which font to use and what size or color it should be – use professional resume samples.

The most used resume fonts in 2018

We don’t know which resume sample are you going to use and what resume font are you going to choose for your resume, but we decided to prepare for you a small list with the most used resume fonts. We do believe it would be helpful for those candidates, who even don’t know where to start.

1. Calibri
2. Times New Roman
3. Arial
4. Verdana
5. Cambria
6. Garamond
7. Book Antiqua

Anyway, resume fonts is an important part of your resume and it’s not a good idea to ignore it. Because we saw many cases, when hiring manager rejected candidates resumes only because it was not possible to read them at all. So, if you still not sure about to update your resumes fonts or not, it’s better to think about it once again.

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