Combination Resume Format 2018

Hybrid Resume Format 2018

We have already heard some stories about job seekers, who are hesitant about what resume 2018 format is better to choose in their case. And what case did they have? Not the most common, but still you can easily face it on the labor market. This is case of those candidates, who has both – amazing career path and outstanding skills, which they would like to show to the hiring manager. That’s why today we’re going to show you another resume format – combination resume format (also known as hybrid resume format).

Combination resume format 2018

How Combination resume format 2018 Looks like

It’s not a secret, that candidates would like to show their candidacy in the most positive light. That’s why some candidates are looking for resume formats, which would let them show both things: skill set and career path. Resume structure stay the same. BUT with additional accents in your resume structure.

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Combination resume 2018 format – Who should use

Combination resume format 2018

If all the written below is about you – use hybrid resume format 2018

Let’s try deep into hybrid resume format to understand when do you need to use it and when it would help you to highlight your strength, rather that would only unhide your weaknesses. Hybrid resume format has both sided – good and bad. We would write a bit later about all the poses and cons of this resume format, but now we would write few words about how destructing it could be for the job seeker.

Think twice, before you will say to yourself – i’m going to choose combination resume format. Because in some cases, it could be hard to show your resume in the most positive light. Why? Because using this type of resume template allows you to mix your skill-set with a chronological resume. Hiring managers are trying to find what they want in your resume and using this format in incorrect way, would only decrease your chances. So, if you are hesitant about use or not, it’s better to use other resume format.

Latest combination resume templates for 2018

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Who OR When you need to use combination resume format:

  1. When your career path was not impressive and you don’t have strong hard skills to show in your resume. In that case you have a great chance to MIX both “minuses” to get a great “PLUS”;
  2. You still don’t have exciting employment history. And if you are a fresh grad, who has graduated and has worked somewhere. Hybrid resume format is a good option for you. You have already gained some skills and ready to show your employment history;
  3. Tired of what you do? Looking for new challenges in other area? Yes, seems like we have found a career changer. This type of resume format is right for you;
  4. Those candidates, who decided to re-enter a labor market and try themselves again.

Combination resume template 2018: Poses

  • You have a great chance to show both things – skills and not to hide your career path. If you have something worthwhile to show, you need to think about this type of resume;
  • Those, who would like to change the area. If you want to try yourself in a different field;
  • Use this resume format to enhance your skills, if your career path was not so brilliant, as you expect to see it.

Combination resume template 2018: Cons

  • It’s hard to show your career path and impress your hiring manager, when you are a job changer. So, if you changed your jobs to often, it’s better to think about other resume format.
  • To show skills in your resume – is not the best way to win the game. If skills are the only one asset you have at the moment, it’s better to pick a functional resume format.

Combination resume format: Be flexible to get what you want!

Before you even start thinking about hybrid resume format, you need to keep in your mind that it’s the one of the most flexible resume format, you will ever find. Doesn’t matter who you are and what job you would like to get, you need to remember just one thing – “freedom”. You can do a lot using a hybrid resume.

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