BEST Resume Format 2019 Templates

Each second people are trying to find much better place for them to work. Some of them are trying to find them through friends or colleagues, some of them are trying to use their connections via LinkedIn. Whatever they do and how they do that – they need to understand that without a resume, they have zero chances to get employed. And in 2019 “To get a job approaches” are bit different from the previous years. In Today’s realities you need to be flexible and more creative to impress hiring manager’s attention.

Best resume formats 2019

Which resume format 2019 is better to pick to get more chances to get employed?

The main problem is that all the job seekers are facing the same huge problem, when they are trying to even think about to change a job – how to do a first step. Everything was fine/good enough/not good/ extremely bad on your previous place of work and you are gently seeking for new opportunities. Simply trying to understand what value you could bring to a potential employer. Suddenly, you realize that you have no chances at all, because when it starts to a negotiation process, hiring manager is asking for a resume. What means a huge problem for you, because you simply don’t have it already written.

resume 2019

You need to understand that resume writing process is not as easy, as you could expect

How to solve that issue? There are couple of solutions could be here. First and the most easiest way for you could be a resume writing service, which could provide you a full support in resolution your issue. But it’s only for those job seekers, who are ready to spend over $300 to get their resume written in couple of days. We are not suggesting to solve this question in that way. We could offer you a bit other way on how to get an outstanding resume 2019 right now. You could simply ask us how? You can WRITE it on your own even better than any resume writing agency could do that instead of you.

How to write a resume 2019

The first thing you could start with is to understand what you would like to get at the end and what kind of position are you looking for. Once you’ll understand that, you could easily solve half of the questions. Latest resume format 2019 – is more than half of the job done. Once you’ll pick the most effective and targeted for you, it’s a great idea to put your attention to outstanding resume templates 2019. After some polishing and guiding the latest rules – you would see how effective a resume could be.

resume 2019 main steps

Here are the main steps on how to write an outstanding resume in 2019 to get a job offer.

How to pick a resume format 2019

There are tons of different point of views about how resume format could be useful for you and why it’s a good idea to start using it. Each document has its own structure. Resume is not an exception here. You are adding some information to a document in already known blocks and paragraphs. It helps your reader to read a document much faster and to find an information over there in seconds. You save their time, they are lucky!

A small sum up why you should pay attention to choose a right resume format 2019:

  1. Make a resume EASY TO READ.
  2. Choosing the right resume format, you would get much more opportunities and tricks to target a resume for a desired position.
  3. Structured format is easy to scan. You don’t need to bring any extra efforts to find an information you are looking for.
  4. You can easily hide not comfortable information, which you don’t want to include to a resume. Using right resume template you and do that without any troubles.
  5. Proper resume format can tell a reader much more that you could even expect. If you are going to use functional format – you are focusing more on hard skills. If you would like to pick chronological – you have a strong proven experience and you are ready to show all the “tricky” moment.

After you have seen all the benefits why you should think about proper resume format, it’s a good idea to think about which one is yours. To pick a right format of resume is not an easy task, which you are going to solve. Before you would make your decision, we are suggesting you to have a look on the whole list of different resume formats. Once you’ll deep into each template, it wouldn’t be hard to understand what benefits you could get from it. Here we go!

Most Common Resume Formats in 2019

resume templates 2019

Three most using reusume templates. Understand your needs and pick the right one for you.

  1. Chronological
  2. Functional
  3. Combination
  4. Targeted
  5. College

As you can see below, each of mentioned above resume formats has it’s own pros and cons. You have a great chance to have a look on each resume template to understand if its worth to use in your case or not. What benefits you could get from it and how they could be useful for you. Read more below.

Chronological 2019 Resume Format

It’s an outstanding choice for those candidate’s, who has a solid background or experience in international companies. Those people, whose achievement list is impressive enough to impress even skeptical HR – should definitely use this resume template.

resume 2019 template

Chronological resume format sample 1

resume 2019 template

Chronological resume format sample 2

resume 2019 template

Chronological resume format sample 3

resume 2019 template

Chronological resume format sample 4


The way you grew up in one company or on different position plays the key role here. You are using this template to show your self-brand more. Experience you gained in previous jobs must be shown in a resume. Mixed with duties and proved by real results.

When it’s good to pick a chronological format:

  1. You are self confident candidate with a proven background.
  2. Among the companies you worked in – are some well-known global corporations.
  3. At least 5-7 years of experience, which you are ready to show.
  4. Good for niche specialists, not for those, who are looking any opportunity they face.
  5. If you can show results or KPI’s which were reached and how.

When it’s better to avoid chronological resume:

  1. Full-time job is not an option for you.
  2. You can’t show impressive enough experience background in a specific area or domain.
  3. There are no any achievements in your pocket, which you’d like to share with others.
  4. Jumper? That’s not good idea for you.

Functional 2019 Resume Format

When we’re talking about resume format, which bring results and good to use for a wide range of job seekers – we’re talking about functional resume. It’s easy to create, it’s easy to update and it’s the one of the most popular resume formats all round US.

Functional resume template 2019

Best Functional Resume Example 2019 #1

Functional resume template 2019

Best Functional Resume Example 2019 #2

Functional resume template 2019

Best Functional Resume Example 2019 #3

Functional resume template 2019

Best Functional Resume Example 2019 #4

Skills are your main asset. Even there is nothing else to add to a resume, skill are required minimum for this type of resume template. Maybe you have heared that some hiring managers know this type of resume as “skills-based resume template”. As you have understood from the name – skills are required here. Other content is optional, but some resume sections could help you yo increase your chances.

Who should use functional resume format:

  1. When skills are your main asset.
  2. You don’t have stable job. You used to have tons of different positions, where you gained new experience and boost skill-set.
  3. Current experience level is not enough to get more senior position. Still, some skills can be useful for hiring managers on more “junior” positions.
  4. You simply want to conceal some unemployment gaps in your resume.

Combination 2019 Resume Format

An outstanding opportunity for those candidates, who would like to combine their impressive skills-set and ready to show their experience and career path. For some positions it’s important that you need to be not only the person who in general know how it works, but you need to cope with some tasks on your own. That’s why hiring managers are looking for skills in your resume as well.


Resume templates 2019

Combination resume template 1

Resume templates 2019

Combination resume template 1

Resume templates 2019

Combination resume template 1

Resume templates 2019

Combination resume template 1


Targeted 2019 Resume Format

Targeted resume template is the best opportunity for those candidates, whose main goal is to get more chances to get an exact position or job. For example, you have already found an outstanding job ad and trying to understand your chances to be even considered. There is when you need a targeted resume and why it could a great option for you. The main idea here is to TARGET your resume for a job ad. Doing that, hiring manager would see that you fit the most across the other candidates.

Resume example 2019

Targeted resume template 1

Resume example 2019

Targeted resume template 2

Resume example 2019

Targeted resume template 3

Resume example 2019

Targeted resume template 4


Who should use targeted resume:

  1. Your achievements are not impressive enough to show in a resume.
  2. You don’t have a hard specialisation. That’s why you need to target a resume for a specific position.
  3. There are some employment gaps, which you don’t know how to hide.

Student Resume Format 2019

Each student is facing the same issue – reality, when you need to find a job. But you don’t have a resume. Even though, you don’t know how to write it and how it should looks like to bring you as much value, as it could.

2019 resume format

Student resume sample 1

2019 resume format

Student resume sample 2

2019 resume format

Student resume sample 3

2019 resume format

Student resume sample 4

To be frank, you have nothing. Nothing to sell to your potential employer. Everything, BUT some skills you have already gained during the time you were spending in university or your first (not serious) jobs. That’s a kind of value, which you can bring to hiring managers. We would try to offer you some resume templates, which you could simply use to enhance your chances to get a job.