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What is good resume 2018. And why resume template matter

What is a good resume? Have you ever tried to ask this question to yourself or maybe you tried to ask it to somebody who knows? If you don’t know what to answer, take your time. Relax and we will try to help you find all the answers here in our post.

Resume – is that sheet of paper, which shows who you are and how valuable your candidacy could be for company you applied. Nobody can underestimate importance of resume. It’s your ticket to a new job and as result – to a new live. First impression counts and you should try your best to impress your readed with an outstanding CV. Most likely it depends on how you present all the information in your resume. Everything is important, because “devil is in details”. That’s where you need to understand, that you need to invest a bit more time in your resume writing process to get a better result at the end.

2018 latest resume format

Most common resume 2018 template with summarized skills and achievements

resume format for 2018

Useful and complete resume format sample for 2018 year in green and yellow colors. Can grab more attention than you even expect.

2018 resume example

Good combined resume sample 2018 with structured data

resume examples for 2018

Latest general resume 2018 template with splitted sections

Have you ever heard about 6 seconds rule? It’s simple and easy to check if you would ask your friend or anybody to help you with that activity. Let’s imagine you have already coped with your resume. It’s already written and everything is polished. It’s ready to be sent to a hiring manager. Before you will do that, ask your friend to scan your resume for a six seconds time period and after let him explain what he/she have read. Interesting to know, aren’t you? HR’s calls that – 6 seconds screening test. Most likely they spent up to 6 seconds for resume screening process to understand you are. To understand whether you are the one who they are looking for.

2018 Resume Format – Fresh Vision

As we have already mentioned before, your resume is a kind of a marketing document. You use that to promote your candidacy across tons of other applicants. And if you want to win the game, you need to change a bit your approach to resume creation process. No old-fashioned rules. No three pages long reads. Nothing about your lose.

If you would open google and try to search “how to write a resume” – you would get tons of different articles. Most of them are the same, where different writers or blog owners would teach you about how important to follow strict rules. Rules on how to fill specific resume sections and what to include there.


Of course, we don’t want to question importance of resume content you include. Furthermore, nobody can do any conclusion, only because your resume has more fashion CV template. BUT at the same time we want to stress that template of resume is also important.

Let’s imagine a situation. Hiring manager is sitting at the table, waiting till her mailing tool is downloading fresh portion of new CV’s. And here we go.. Some resumes are boring, some of them are not structured, some of them professional and unpossible to be read.

At the same time – here is your resume. Modern resume template 2018 made by professional resume writer and polished by designed. Everything is clear and easy to read. All resume content is structured and your name is easy to remember, because it’s 36pt font size. Even though – hiring manager was so impressed by design of your resume, that he decided to share it with her colleagues. Simply to show how professional resume 2018 format should looks like.

Have you ever thought about such turns of events? Or you still believe in boring theory on how everything should be done?

What is resume format 2018 and do they differ?

Each book is divided into chapters. Each chapter has some logic parts. Each part has some logic conclusions. The same structure should have your resume as well, if you want to make your resume easy read. Easy to read resume – key to success. If hiring manager could understand who you are in seconds, you have a significant advantage across the other candidates.

Now, let’s summarise why do you need to follow resume 2018 format rules:

  1. To show focus in your resume. Let them see the most valuable information in your resume;
  2. To make it easy to read. Structured information is better and faster to read;
  3. To have significant advantage across the other job seekers, whose resume is like a sheet of paper without any formatting;
  4. To hide information, which you don’t want to show in your resume. Using proper resume template, you can do this lifehacks;
  5. To use creative resume template over structured information.

Using written above advantages, you can increase your chances to not only be seen, but remembered. After we have named all the good points on why do you need to pay attention to the structure of a resume, let’s move to the most common resume templates.

Most Common 2018 Resume Template Trends and Examples

Each resume format has it’s own pros and cons. Only you should decide which is better to use in your case. We can only provide some recommendations on which is better to use in specific situation, based on your previous experience and many more.

Chronological Resume Template

The best choice for those candidates, who has an impressive career path in well-known companies with a clear to measure achievements. If it’s all about you, you should consider this type of resume format. In other way, wait a bit, till we show you some other templates.

Chronological format of resume – who should use:

  • Outstanding career path with a proven facts and result to show;
  • Solid commercial experience in different fields;
  • You are not student and it’s not your first job;
  • You are working in a specific area and don’t looking for something new to change.

Chronological format of resume – when it’s not the best option:

  • You changed your jobs more often than car parking places;
  • You are fresh grad and there is nothing to show in your resume;
  • You have some gaps in your career path, which you don’t want to explain.
chronological resume 2018

Completed chronological resume with structured data inside

resume format

Designed in green colors chronological resume 2018 example

resume 2018 sample

Latest resume 2018 example of chronological sample

resume 2018 sample

Most impressive 2018 resume example of chronological sample

Functional Resume Template

If your hard skills in your resume is your main asset – this type of resume template is what you need. Here you should focus on your hard skills. There are some positions, when hiring managers are looking for skills and nothing else matter. If you know how to do something and you do it well – welcome on board!

Functional resume format – who should use:

  • You are career changer. Your skills are relevant to fit a new position, but you are not ready to show the whole career path;
  • Huge unexplainable gaps in your resume;
  • Your skills is all what you have;
  • You don’t want to show your achievements or career stage.

Functional resume format – when it’s not the best option

Some hiring manager still believe that some candidates, whose skills are not explicitly described – are not honest enough and trying to hide something behind their back. But it not should be a reason for you not to use this resume format. Having hard skills strong enough – you would get your job in pretty short period of time.

functional 2018 resume template

Functional resume with easy to read skills set.

resume example of functional resume 2018

Functional 2018 resume example in grey and red design with separated sections.

2018 resume format sample

Green and white colored resume for candidates, who are looking for a functional 2018 resume sample

resume 2018

Functional resume 2018

Combination Resume Template

It’s kind of mix of two resume templates above. There are no specific rules for this template. It’s a mix. We thought, that it would be more right to show you exact resume samples of hybrid resume template.

resume 2018 template

Most downloaded structure of combination resume 2018 template

resume for 2018

Latest version of resume template for 2018

Even you don’t know how to start your resume and you feel you can’t do anything… Never give up! Continue to searching ways, which could help you to start once again and write an outstanding resume to GET your JOB this year!