10 Reason Why They Reject You After an Interview

Today we would like to write you about what’s going on after your interview process. As usual, some candidates still believe that if they were on interview – that means that they have quite good chances to get a job. BUT that’s not like that. And today we’re going to share with you some secrets and our experience to help you understand what you do wrong during an interview, or maybe after an interview.

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Why they don’t want to call you back? What’s going wrong?

So, as you have already understood, to get you resume 2018 written is not the only one thing you need to have to get your job. It’s the first step you need to do. As we have mentioned in our previous posts – your resume is like a marketing document. You want to sell your candidacy and your resume is the only one thing, which could help you to do that. Once you coped with your resume and seems like it’s good enough – you’ve got your first or second, or doesn’t matter interview.

They said they will call you back. BUT THEY LIED.

Most huge recruitment agencies claims that your resume is only the bridge between your candidacy and the first interview. All the bad or good things, which are going to happen with you after – depends on your communication and professional skills. If you are good enough and your hard skills are strong enough – you can be sure that they will call you back and invite for the next round of interview processes.

BUT today we would like to help candidates, who visit interviews, but after some they don’t hear any feedback. No e-mails, no calls.. And now we would like to help you understand what’s going wrong and what exactly mistakes you could do.

Something goes wrong OR let’s try to understand WHY

It’s not a secret that you are not the only one candidate, who was invited for an interview for a specific position. Some candidates could be stronger than you. Some candidates could be more interesting, with a more impressive soft skills. Still, there are some mistakes, which could reduce your chances to get this job and we want to tell you about them.


You can believe that it’s not a true or hiring managers are not so stupid, but the way you dressed on your interview – mean a lot. It’s not a joke and most hiring managers during an interview put some notes in their notebooks. And believe us, they will put some notes about inappropriate dress code you decided to choose. And one more “minus score” in your pocket. That means that you need to spend some time before an interview about what are you going to wear.

Time and manners

Were you late? If yes, you have got 2 “minus scores” at the same time. The first one – because hiring manager are really busy people and they scheduled a meeting for an interview. They respect your time and they meet deadlines. The second one – hiring managers have their own busy schedule. If you were late, that means you have less time to impress HR, because next candidate will be on time.

PS. If you already feel that you will late, call hiring manager and let him/her know about that.

This job is right what you need?

Some candidates are trying to get the job, not only because they love what they are doing, NO.. They are looking for money – and they don’t know how to hide that. If you don’t like this job, but you need it, try to behave more naturally.

“What do you know about our company?”

Hiring manager is asking you! “Did you heared something about our company?” And seems like you don’t know anything about them. Hiring manager understand that it doesn’t matter for you where to work and you are interested only in salary they are ready to offer you.

Tricky HR questions

All HR’s likes them. But not all the candidate exactly knows how to answer them. Yes, some of them could be really stupid. And you need to be ready for them. Even if they are going to ask you something like “were you laid off?” or something alike, you need to answer such question and be the winner in this negotiation activity.

Clarify their recruitment process

Each company has it’s own internal hiring processes. Some of them has up to 5 job interviews. Each interview is crafted to check your skills. Be ready to clarify how many interview stages do they have on this position.

Thank you e-mail

Have you ever tried to do that? If not – we want to tell you that it works pretty good. Hiring managers will remember you and you could understand that if they will mail you back.

Bad things happen – rejections

Nobody could guarantee that you would get the job right after an interview. And it’s not because you are good or bad candidates. There are too many circumstances and you need to understand that. The huge problem each candidate face here – the number of rejections he/she gets.

Number one rule – DON’T let down. You are looking for new opportunity. The are no bad or good companies. There are places and people who are ready to give you a job and some, who are not. And nothing else matter.

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